Tuesday 16 Jul 2019
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Touchless Carwash


A laser car wash is one that uses laser technology to clean your car. It is a touch-free car wash that is Equipped with touch-free cleaning products and touch-free car wash systems. This state of the art system is easy to operate and provides a safe and clean way to get the best car wash for your vehicle. You simply have to drive the car into the facility and sit in the car while the laser operated machines wash it. It also have a drying system which is operated by lasers. These systems are very advanced technologically and won't damage your vehicle, there is no risk of damage that's usually associated with the electronic scrubbing techniques used by other touch-less car wash facilities or with the use of brushes at conventional car wash facilities.


The cleaning power of the Leisu Wash is raised to a new level with the addition of better vehicle chemical coverage with rounded arch corners, smart chemical timing and tilting arch functions.  High pressure applications now include the ability to tilt to cover the back of side mirrors and arch oscillation to attack bugs from multiple angles.  Combined with your ability to customize services and speeds in infinite combinations and to store favourite or seasonal packages - the cleaning system is a major step forward.


Leisu Wash integrated dryer option performs the unique FlashDry service that takes no additional time for a basic dry by performing a rinse and dry in a single operation.  Developed on the simple theory that it is easier to remove water that is already moving - FlashDry improves rinsing while removing over 80% of the water all in a single 10 second pass.  Dryer options also can include a separate stand-alone dryer or the ability to use the integrated dryer as a drive through dryer as the customer exits.


You can have your car washed at Leisu Wash and beassured that it will not be damaged or scratched whileit's being washed. There is a double soap applicationthat ensure that the car is thoroughly washed. The highpressure laser wash, spot free rinse and trip foamingpolish leave you with a sparkling car.You  have the undercarriage of the car cleaned andthe sides and wheels lasted to remove dirt from hard to reach areas. The use of temperature controlled detergent increases the effectiveness of the cleaning. Moreover, the nozzles are designed to provide maximum coverage and the high pressure cleaning technology ensures that the cleaning is superior to other car washed. No brushes are used in the car wash. Therefore, there is no risk of brush marks on the vehicle's paint. No unnecessary equipment  that might break the car's mirrors or antenna.

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