Friday 20 Sep 2019
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What is MOI Matching?

The MOI of any object is a measurement of its resistance to being put in motion around a defined axis of rotation. Related to golf clubs, if each club in a set requires a different amount of force to swing the club (swinging the club to rotate around our body), the golfer cannot be as consistent swinging each different club in the set. In most simple form, MOI matching scientifically makes each club require the same amount of effort to swing.  This is what makes MOI matched clubs offer better shotmaking consistency than swingweight matched clubs. Swingweight matching does not make each club the same in terms of the amount of force required by the golfer to swing each club and hit the shot. MOI matching does. However, because golfers can be quite different in their strength, tempo and swing mechanics, the right MOI must be identified and custom fit for each golfer to allow the concept to properly work.

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