Friday 20 Sep 2019
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How is the right MOI determined for each golfer?

Virtually all golfers who play frequently may have noticed they have a “favorite club” or clubs within their current set, or within a previous set of clubs. A “favorite club” may be defined as a club with which the golfer is most consistent over all others, and which the golfer has the utmost confidence in their ability to hit the ball solid and on-center more often than the other clubs in the set. After research and testing, we believe that a one reason golfers have “favorite clubs” is that the MOI of those clubs happens to match the strength, tempo and swing mechanics of the golfer noticeably better than the MOI of other clubs.
There are two ways clubmakers can find the right MOI for any golfer. One is to ask the golfer to bring forth a “favorite club” from any set they may own or have used. The “favorite club” is measured for its MOI using the MOI Matching System, after which the other clubs are then built to match the MOI of that “favorite club(s)”.

The most common method used by clubmakers is to build a test club(s) based on the fitting recommendations made for the golfer after going through the entire fitting process. By manipulating the headweight of the test club with lead tape, it is possible to find a headweight to “rest of the club” ratio that will result in more comfort for the golfer and a higher percentage of on center hits. Once done, the test club is measured for its MOI, and the MOI Matching System is used to guide the clubmaker in building all the other clubs in the set to have the same MOI.

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