Monday 24 Feb 2020
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When most golfers think about custom Club fitting

When most golfers think about custom Club fitting, they think only of the full swing clubs – the driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. Few golfers are ever fit for their wedges and putter. Yet within these short game clubs lies the chance to achieve the greatest level of improvement on the golfer’s actual SCORE.

One of the most dramatic putting improvement tools within custom fitting has proven to be the use of a heavy weight inserted into the very grip end of the putter shaft. This is a putter fitting technique called ‘COUNTER WEIGHTING.”

How does putter counter weighting work and what golfers will benefit?

Golfers who putt well have a high level of fine motor control skill. That simply means they have the neuro-muscular ability to move and control objects with their hands at slower speeds in a consistent, repeating and very precise manner. For those of us who do not have fine motor control, by putting a substantial amount of weight in the end of the putter shaft, our hands now feel that heavier weight and are better able to move in a more consistent, repeating manner.

Golfers who have proven to improve their putting with a counter weight all have one or more of the following putting habits:


·         Tendency to both pull and push putts off line

·         A higher than average incidence of off center hit putts

·         Inconsistency with distance control – some putts short and some putts long

·         The path of the putter back and through the ball can be jerky, not very smooth and rhythmic


The most commonly used putter counterweights are the 60g, 80g and 100g weights, with the 80g and 100g counterweights being the most commonly used by most golfers for the putter.There is no question the chance of improved putting performance with a heavy counter weight in the putter is very high. From speaking with clubmakers who offer this fitting service to their golfers and from our own work with golfers, we estimate the putting improvement rate for counter weights to be over 80%.



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